Models and Actors


M-Michael started modeling at the age of 17 in Paris, Milan, South Africa, Hong Kong and then came the rest of the world until 7 years ago when he immigrated to the U.S. to settle as a full-time model/actor/performer talent. In addition to his career as a successful full-time model he uses his career based knowledge as a tool for his photography passion. He is known as the child whisperer on set as he works so well with other kids in getting them to react for the camera. He loves to travel and goes above and beyond to make sure the client is 110% satisfied. He shoots family, wedding, portraits, fashion, animals, nature, resort and much much more. 

C- Crystal was scouted in her hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming and she has been modeling since the age of 17. She has worked full time in the modeling and acting world since. She hosts, hand models and represents many brands as a brand ambassador/influencer. While working full time as a model/actor in Miami she obtained her MSW from Florida Atlantic University and now works a licensed clinical social worker/therapist online and in her office in Sarasota. She loves to travel and as a team Michael and her shoot and style many images of each other. They both have an eye for angle and lighting as they have been in the industry for so long and are beyond passionate about each booking opportunity.

A- Ariel was born into modeling and before she can remember she was smiling for a camera and interacting with a director. She now acts and models weekly and loves performing with her family. Ariel's favorite thing to do on set is to jump on beds, play with toys and swim underwater for the camera. She truly enjoys working with her family and because of how much she has excelled in the industry she now is homeschooled to allow for enough time for theatre, ballet and hip hop classes.